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Blog posts are now tagged.

by osk at 2022/06/03 (Fri) 11:22:06 pm (edited)PERSONALUPDATEOSKWARE

To organize the blog a little, the posts on it are now tagged according to their content and nature. There's not that many posts here, but it's still useful to have. You can click a tag, and it'll take you to the index, filtered to just posts with that tag. That way, you can bookmark just official posts or the like. You can also set up your RSS reader in the same way — while filtered to a tag, the Subscribe button in the top left changes to allow you to subscribe to just that tag.

This is one of the many recent changes I'm making to somewhat separate my personal identity (the osk who develops software, likes UI design, rants a lot, and genuinely loves and is in a relationship with Kagari, a fictional character from Rewrite) from my brand (osk, the person and corporation behind TETR.IO, developing, maintaining and directing it). (Perhaps a topic for another post.) Posts that fall under the former identity are tagged PERSONAL, while brand posts are tagged OFFICIAL. This way, I can feel a bit safer writing genuine posts from the heart about my personal interests, without distracting those who are only here for professional press releases. I'm hoping this will allow me to post a bit more often. There's a lot of things I could rant about :^)

To be clear, this is still a personal blog. Press release-like "official" posts are secondary, and I wish to post more personal posts here in the future. If you are not interested in those and only care about me for TETR.IO, feel free to filter to official posts only with this tool.

Please look forward to me perhaps blogging somewhat more often than twice a year!

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Hirama Maho

at 2022/06/05 (Sun) 1:51:06 pm

kagari is real


at 2022/06/05 (Sun) 2:30:37 pm

hard to believe so

Sunouchi Ayami

at 2022/06/04 (Sat) 12:09:28 am

now my thunderbird rss section will not be as empty and I am happy -PSI

Sunouchi Ayami

at 2022/06/04 (Sat) 12:09:45 am

side note I just realized you actually implemented CTRL+Enter and I am eternally grateful for that

Mitsui Saori

at 2024/06/12 (Wed) 6:15:58 pm

he's implemented ctrl+Z and ctrl+Y as well he's absolutely amazing at making a comment section ⸦(✩ > ✩ )⸦

Katsuya Hina

at 2022/06/04 (Sat) 1:37:06 am

very exciting

Sagawa Tamayo

at 2023/01/07 (Sat) 4:00:19 am


Mashiba Atsuko

at 2022/06/04 (Sat) 12:00:35 am

I know it somewhat sidesteps the entire point of unlisted blog posts, but have you considered a special "unlisted" tag such that we may view them? They'd still be unlisted on the homepage—requiring access to one to see the unlisted tag, but when the entire point of currently known unlisted posts are for transparency regarding official decisions, you'd expect some way to actually view them without relying on Twitter and the like.


at 2022/06/04 (Sat) 1:10:16 pm

In those cases, I use the blog more as a pastebin in a sense. I could make a way to see these semi-hidden posts if there's more demand, but it's not what I want this blog to be; rather I just use the blog as an easy way to put information in those cases

Mashiba Atsuko

at 2022/06/05 (Sun) 9:10:30 am

I just had a 2nd quick thought: there's ample space on your homepage's blog embed for tags shown there as well—at least for me on a viably wide screen—have you considered implementing tag display there as well? It could flesh out the place a tiny bit more.


at 2022/06/05 (Sun) 2:30:08 pm

what kinda res are you on? on my screen it'd definitely look very cramped one option is to do away with stars there though, it's a completely pointless metric LOL i might redo the homepage design a bit in general

Mashiba Atsuko

at 2022/06/07 (Tue) 5:28:36 am

I've got the full 1920 pixels of width to support it, although I suppose it could become a wreck on mobile. Truth be told, I just can't browse anything on the internet with a resolution lower than any full window anymore, and I suspect I'm not the only one with this issue on the modern net. Thinking about the available width on your homepage is an interesting exercise though; without any of the hidden text open there's at least *20em* of wasted space for your social profiles as far as I can tell, so if there's space to be made then it's definitely around that area. If you want to keep your external social links at about the same importance as other information, then I think there's good potential for linked tiled icons. Hovering over them, of course, would bring up your usernames+extra info. This extra interactivity would offset it from the rest of the site, hopefully not getting too out of place with a unique design relative to the regular infoboxes.


at 2022/06/13 (Mon) 12:34:09 am

hmmm, at that point id rather just redesign the entire thing LOL

Mitsui Saori

at 2024/06/12 (Wed) 6:20:27 pm

plenty of us have been in a relationship with a fictional character in our lives at some point we just can't help but deny the fact that they're not real sometimes... ...but if you can believe hard enough, anything can be real. now that is something positively silly to think about...and equally as frightening.

Mitsui Saori

at 2024/06/12 (Wed) 6:22:02 pm

I personally haven't been in one myself, I find it hard to, though, I'm just sayin' ;v;

Yoshimura Kawai

at 2023/09/03 (Sun) 8:17:47 am


Rai Kazuyo

at 2023/07/05 (Wed) 2:00:10 pm

kagarin is cute