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I'm now selfhosting email

by osk at 2020/02/03 (Mon) 12:43:33 am

Hi! Up to now, my email provider has always been ProtonMail. However, for some projects I need a mailserver, so I decided to set one up. Please do not contact me on my old ProtonMail account (, but use my new email:

me [AT] osk [DOT] sh

Thank you!

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Funakoshi Tsukiko

at 2020/02/08 (Sat) 5:28:23 am

I'm confused.

Hayashibe Kazuha

at 2020/02/09 (Sun) 9:59:19 pm


Miyasato Machi

at 2021/02/17 (Wed) 10:34:35 pm

How does that work?

Munakata Azumi

at 2020/02/03 (Mon) 5:33:56 am

Can I use it to make a new roblox account


at 2020/02/03 (Mon) 12:09:09 pm


Suganuma Miyabi

at 2020/02/07 (Fri) 3:05:31 pm

Will you let me for a scooby snack?


at 2020/02/07 (Fri) 11:25:11 pm