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There's now a view count next to blog posts.

by osk at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 1:17:01 pmPERSONALUPDATE

I should really cool it with this crystallize effect.

It might impact the server negatively, so let's see how well it works, right? It's only triggered when you view a post's own page, not the homepage.

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Miya Manami

at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 1:46:17 pm

I pressed f5


at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 4:56:16 pm

it's very basic, yes if it becomes a problem I'll make it IP-based

Munakata Azumi

at 2019/12/28 (Sat) 6:36:58 am

I think I know someone who would do that for hours

Soeno Yuriko

at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 3:29:06 pm

you're so clever

Uozumi Sayumi

at 2020/01/08 (Wed) 7:20:46 pm

What's the point


at 2020/01/09 (Thu) 2:22:22 am

in all seriousness, it allows me to see if people are looking at it when i post links to the blog on other spaces (say, Twitter). it's simplistic, but it'll do for now, as I'd rather not use Google Analytics or the such, and allows others to see what posts are read (or rather, shared) often

Sameshima Fumie

at 2020/01/29 (Wed) 2:11:22 pm

get some selfhosted ga knockoff, matomo or something

Kodaka Aimi

at 2024/06/10 (Mon) 8:58:04 am

But should you cool it with the crystallize effect though? :)

Mitsui Saori

at 2024/06/12 (Wed) 6:31:26 pm

the question no one bothered to ask has just been asked