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Even less useful: PeakGadget

by osk at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 1:16:07 amPERSONALOSKWARE

This time, to address a bug I face in my antiquated Windows 7 install where the sidebar gadgets would stop being "topmost" (above all other windows) and get hidden. It's a stupidly simple program, but hey - can add it to my portfolio, right?

If you happen to be impacted by this bug as well, the program can be retrieved (and its source seen) over here.

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Itani Setsuko

at 2020/02/10 (Mon) 10:45:30 pm

I hope you're not running an unsupported OS =)..


at 2020/02/12 (Wed) 2:25:46 am

you bet I am

Fukumoto Yumika

at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 1:32:11 am

are you going to write a realse for arch linux


at 2019/12/27 (Fri) 11:48:30 am

no, the linux desktop is shit

Katō Madoka

at 2024/06/26 (Wed) 8:10:11 am

how the turns have tabled


at 2024/06/27 (Thu) 1:56:11 pm

how they have... i think in part due to me also falling for "gnome = the linux desktop" LOL

Tabara Shimako

at 2020/02/13 (Thu) 9:54:28 am