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by osk at 2019/11/17 (Sun) 10:23:44 pm (last edited at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 1:32:22 am)

Here I will post project updates, sneak peeks, and whatever else is on my mind at the time. Don't expect super-frequent updates, but hey - there's something new every once in a while. Please note that this blog is personal space. Please respect that (and as such, my interests).

You can star posts and comments you enjoy as much as you like, a bit like how Flipnote Hatena and Medium work. There's no limit to how many stars you can give something, but please don't bot it (I will throw sharp glances at you).

You can also comment on posts, and on replies to those posts. Your name and color is randomized (bound to IP). There's no CAPTCHA or anything like that right now, so see it as a bit of an experiment. Be civil, okay? I reserve the right to delete anything for any reason. If it ends up being an issue, I can always add CAPTCHA later or turn off comments. As long as your IP does not change, you can delete your comments with the DEL button next to it.

Happy sightseeing!

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Okazoe Chika

at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 12:47:48 am

my name jeff


at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 12:50:20 am


Okazoe Chika

at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 12:58:17 am

and jeff pilled

Shimahara Yūko

at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 6:36:30 pm


Taira Azumi

at 2019/12/04 (Wed) 9:02:35 pm


Hayashibe Kazuha

at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 4:52:00 pm

Write a comment

Okayama Ayaka

at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 5:04:23 pm

neat design, teach me sensei


at 2019/11/18 (Mon) 8:35:03 pm

angles are nice, people should use them more

Fukumoto Yumika

at 2020/01/05 (Sun) 12:54:32 pm



at 2020/01/06 (Mon) 5:17:42 pm


Takano Mayo

at 2019/12/14 (Sat) 3:45:07 am

why isnt there anything about on this site


at 2019/12/16 (Mon) 12:29:19 am

there is not yet but there will be when i have something to report that isnt "i did some backend stuff"

Mizusawa Mayo

at 2020/02/12 (Wed) 12:18:42 am


Tsukuda Kanami

at 2019/12/15 (Sun) 12:16:35 am

i love sex.

Tabara Shimako

at 2020/02/13 (Thu) 10:01:11 am

i love you.

Niwata Hiroko

at 2020/02/22 (Sat) 1:28:34 pm

Hi yeet

Fujimaru Shizuko

at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 5:35:44 pm