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by osk at 2022/01/21 (Fri) 5:22:39 pmPERSONALUPDATE

smash that unsubscribe button mate

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Yamano Yumie

at 2023/12/05 (Tue) 10:19:10 pm

I cant subscribe, When I click on the subscribe button the source code of the site appears

Chihaya Kotori

at 2023/12/05 (Tue) 11:16:07 pm

do you have an RSS reader

Sakemoto Fūka

at 2023/04/30 (Sun) 11:10:29 pm


Miyao Takemi

at 2023/01/10 (Tue) 1:33:08 am


Matsumura Mizue

at 2023/01/04 (Wed) 4:06:45 pm


Tomiie Sakie

at 2022/12/28 (Wed) 5:20:14 pm

omg i love this humor

Iwanaga Ayumi

at 2022/07/02 (Sat) 1:31:16 am

imagine rss

Miyashita Kikue

at 2022/06/09 (Thu) 8:02:52 am

xml :weirdchamp:

Murai Sakurako

at 2022/05/01 (Sun) 1:22:40 am


Suenaga Mayako

at 2022/03/05 (Sat) 12:52:27 am


Ishii Himawari

at 2022/02/26 (Sat) 3:08:28 am

oh you bet im ready to absolutely hammer and destroy that unsub button im ready for that lezzgooo

Oimatsu Chiyoko

at 2022/03/14 (Mon) 3:53:54 am

lets go m8 smash that button

Fujiyama Moe

at 2022/02/25 (Fri) 11:03:31 am

what the flip is rss

Ikeguchi Ikuko

at 2022/01/31 (Mon) 10:15:03 pm

we need more rss readers in our lives also i will break the rules and identify myself in the comments -PSI


at 2022/02/01 (Tue) 4:32:23 pm

lol there's no rule against identifying yourself or anything

Konoe Shiina

at 2022/01/27 (Thu) 6:52:27 am

i still have no idea whats rss

Kokubun Miyabi

at 2022/01/26 (Wed) 8:11:52 pm

Absolutely based.

Aiso Aki

at 2022/01/23 (Sun) 11:30:55 pm

what the frick is an rss

Tanemoto Fumiko

at 2022/01/24 (Mon) 3:32:11 am


Ganaha Megu

at 2022/03/10 (Thu) 10:20:02 pm

this isnt twitter

Kitaura Rumiko

at 2022/02/10 (Thu) 8:08:17 am


Nagahama Rumiko

at 2022/01/28 (Fri) 8:27:49 pm

can ratio's even work in a blog like this?

Nagahama Rumiko

at 2022/01/28 (Fri) 8:34:35 pm

Found an example in the comments about advertising: "quite honestly the work is its own reward though (also I believe this paid game you're talking about is literally less after six months)" (about 1000 stars) the reply: "quite honestly my name is jeff and i have sex with you mom" (over 10000 stars)

Inoo Nodoka

at 2022/03/23 (Wed) 6:02:00 pm

i mean you can just spam click the thing, there is no limit to the amount of stars one person can give

Kino Manaka

at 2022/01/28 (Fri) 3:26:31 am



at 2022/01/24 (Mon) 1:55:30 am

this comment reflects the sad state of humanity

Suehiro Miyu

at 2022/01/21 (Fri) 6:33:59 pm

but are there any good rss readers in 2022

Oimatsu Chiyoko

at 2022/03/13 (Sun) 1:56:44 pm

i use rss reader from microsoft store

Akimoto Saya

at 2022/02/08 (Tue) 8:53:31 pm

I use Feeder on android, It's on playstore and fdroid

Ikeguchi Ikuko

at 2022/01/31 (Mon) 10:13:38 pm

Thunderbird is really nice

Kokubun Miyabi

at 2022/01/26 (Wed) 8:10:54 pm

Fluent Reader is fantastic, modern UI, crossplatform, syncs with other services, can load full articles without the cluttered webpage stuff, supports regex filtering, and many more. I've kinda quit social media due to this.

Mashima Mari

at 2023/07/21 (Fri) 6:32:51 pm

someone refused to pay an ad lol


at 2022/01/22 (Sat) 1:33:37 pm

nextcloud news is pretty nice

Toki Honoka

at 2022/01/21 (Fri) 6:13:40 pm


Wakimoto Jitsuko

at 2022/01/21 (Fri) 5:32:02 pm


Shinoyama Reiko

at 2022/01/21 (Fri) 5:25:06 pm

remember when rss readers were actually common