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Adding ads to TETR.IO, some questions answered

by osk at 2020/11/01 (Sun) 12:19:03 am (edited)OFFICIALTETR.IOUPDATE

Starting November 2nd, I'm putting ad space up on TETR.IO. I understand this is going to cause some confusion, so I want to answer some common questions in this blog post.

So what kind of ads?

I don't intend to devalue the TETR.IO experience. So, the ads will only be simple banner ads, like this example:

Ads will only show up in menus, never ingame. No video ads, no popups, etc. The site also won't complain if you use an adblocker. At a later point, I may introduce rewarded video ads (ads you choose to watch that get you something in return), but that isn't going to happen any time soon.

The ads will be personalized, so they'll try to be based on your interests. By default, you should receive gaming ads. I will keep care to ensure all ads are safe for work. Furthermore, supporters of Deca tier and up won't see ads.

Why add ads?

Simply said, TETR.IO has outgrown being a hobby project. Operating TETR.IO is as taxing as a full-time job for me, and I want to be able to take it seriously as one. Currently, I'm trying to balance multiple workloads at once, and you might be able to tell by the lower amount of updates that that isn't particularly working.

I am incredibly grateful for all the support by patrons, and that won't change! You are the ones who made TETR.IO happen in the first place. This change is aimed towards the 99.97% of players that don't (or can't) support. Serving ads to that segment of the playerbase will allow them to indirectly support TETR.IO as well!

Having a bit more revenue available would also generally help TETR.IO development a lot. There's a lot of things I cannot do, or don't have the time to do. Think about hiring artists, voice actors etc. Perhaps at some point even other programmers to assist me in the things I lack experience in, or simply to grow the workforce to keep up with demand.

But the Patreon is so expensive!

I don't disagree. The Patreon tiers are really expensive right now. .....It's for a reason, though. Patreon takes insane fees, and simply isn't worth it for small amounts. I hope to, in the relative future, switch to a more direct platform for Supporter, so I can bring down the price of the ingame benefits.

How much will the ads make, anyway?

I do not currently know. I will be experimenting a lot with different ad slots and positions, to see what is the most effective way to place ads. I get about 350K potential impressions daily, but cannot know an RPM yet. I'll let you know once I have actual data, to perhaps help other webgame developers interested in these kinds of statistics for their games.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Not at all. I 100% stand by the fact that TETR.IO will always be free-to-win. There won't be any ingame purchases that increase your skill, required payments to play more, lootboxes, or other shady practices like that. Reaching #1 on the leaderboards will always be equally difficult for paying players as non-paying players with Adblock on. No exceptions.

But (other game) doesn't have ads!

Please compare the two by more than just whether they have ads. I am (surprise, surprise) not a multi-billion-dollar corporation, but I do have a large-scale game that tries to reach those kinds of levels of quality. On top of that, these games are often monetized anyway. How often do you see a free game made by an AAA company that's actually free of monetization?

"If you add ads, I'll quit TETR.IO!!!!"

That's your choice. I hope, however, that after reading this post, you can understand why I am adding ads. And if you still disagree, well.... it's a free game. I'm not sure what you expected. Nothing in the world is free, you know?

In all seriousness, if you have any other questions or (constructive) things to add, feel free to reply to this post with your feedback.

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Takasugi Fumika

at 2020/11/01 (Sun) 12:28:16 am

fund osks kagari addiction

Kakutani Akeno

at 2023/05/12 (Fri) 1:56:02 pm


Miyatake Hiroka

at 2021/01/17 (Sun) 12:59:05 am

I'm happy that I can now, indirectly support even if it means having to look at ads sometimes.

Morimura Fumiko

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 6:44:03 pm

well I wonder how many people stop using desktop client for this hopefully more than one

Morimura Fumiko

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 6:51:08 pm

like I would honestly totally rather have updates only happen once a year but yeah ppt1 is better

Sumeragi Shuko

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 7:58:47 pm

"hey, i dont like the developers being rewarded for their work so im gonna play a paid game instead!"

Morimura Fumiko

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 8:45:54 pm

quite honestly the work is its own reward though (also I believe this paid game you're talking about is literally less after six months)

Ichimura Sae

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 8:16:33 pm

quite honestly my name is jeff and i have sex with you mom

Tonari Takemi

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 8:13:06 pm

"work is its own reward" lol cuck you sound like you'd like some free overtime, wanna get hired?

Kurusu Sumiko

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 12:14:05 pm

I will keep playing Tetrio because 4w is nerfed and there's no rank cap and it's actually free to win etc etc

Kawabata Tsukiko

at 2020/11/23 (Mon) 11:54:37 pm

banner ads : adblocker off video ads : adblocker on

Kotobuki Momo

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 4:42:53 pm

Right now, someone should inform the Tetris company about this project, because it goes beyond "simple entertainment", now it's a business on someone else's idea


at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 7:50:11 pm

gonna be honest, I'm quite sure TTC already knows about TETR.IO... and I don't think there's a difference between ads and selling a monthly recurring service (supporter)

Sakuda Rina

at 2020/11/07 (Sat) 10:43:15 am

I can tell you that yes, The Tetris Company indirectly said that they know about, they liked a hard drop tweet that mentions so they do know


at 2020/11/07 (Sat) 1:33:13 pm

they also retweeted a tweet of someone playing tetrio once... doesnt mean that people in charge know but still

Watanuki Rena

at 2020/11/08 (Sun) 10:22:18 pm

Once? ONCE? How stingy.

Sakazume Rie

at 2022/10/05 (Wed) 10:07:48 am

that sounds like there will be some douche reporting tetrio to ttc and therefore getting tetrio a dmca or suit or stuff to me

Tanaka Saeko

at 2020/11/04 (Wed) 12:57:47 am

Please don't hire voice actors. The polished but still clean and streamlined interface is part of what makes TETR.IO so great. Please don't turn it into a PPT clone.

Ishiyama Mai

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 7:58:31 pm

youre telling me you don't want anime girls screaming while you play tetris? you're playing tetris wrong then buddy

Kawabata Tsukiko

at 2020/11/23 (Mon) 11:52:37 pm

Yes i dont want voices

Miyahira Miwa

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 6:56:37 am

I think this was more of an example

Fujihara Nagako

at 2020/11/01 (Sun) 3:51:16 pm

ily osk for making such an epic game

Nakayama Aoi

at 2021/01/20 (Wed) 11:16:33 am

There's a cool platform called "ko-fi" it's like Patreon, but better imo.


at 2021/01/25 (Mon) 2:22:45 am

Don't worry, a custom Patreon alternative is already underway!

Watai Yoko

at 2021/01/26 (Tue) 9:39:53 am

we'll see

Homura Chie

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 9:18:30 pm

Honestly, with ads or not, game's still the same. I'm supporting pretty much by just existing and that's nice.

Ushioda Kimi

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 12:27:48 pm

whens character update coming osk

Hiromichi Shōko

at 2020/11/01 (Sun) 8:26:52 pm

Hey uh,can you add characters to I would like to see that.

Mimura Noriyo

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 8:26:06 am

is there a way to disable ad personalisation? i'd also pay 60 dollars for no ads but idk how viable that is from a monetary perspective

Tonari Takemi

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 8:26:30 pm

that should be off by default even, at least if you live in europe, due to gdpr, but i know enough about ad networks to assume thats not the case. on the ad popup (either on first visit or behind the Preferences button on the bottom baner during login) you have to choose Settings, ensure all options are set to Off and click Save. nice and regulation non-compliant.

Mimura Noriyo

at 2020/11/05 (Thu) 8:43:08 am

This doesn't seem to work for the desktop client - it just opens it in browser

Hayano Miku

at 2020/11/12 (Thu) 2:23:24 pm


Uemoto Rumiko

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 6:20:03 am

Actually this game was need ads. I cant lie a lot of person is not supporting (even me Cuz dolar kinda expensive on my country :P) but maybe you can add 5 dolar for removing ads like mobile games for who dont wanna see ads (Sorry for my English maybe i spoke bad cuz i woke up early and i wrote at 7 Am)

Miyahira Miwa

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 7:01:07 am

He said he wants to ditch patreon and replace it with an ingame 5$/mo subscription model like osu! does. Buying months. From the discord supporter channel: "the thing is, the game client doesnt actually know if youre a quad supporter, i only apply the tag at Deca 's one of the reasons i want to ditch patreon, i want to consolidate everything into a single, say 5$/mo tier the deca tier is really expensive due to fees etc rn i actually tried to do quad tier rewards back in the tetra league test phase and it was a total mess lol"

Tsumura Tomiko

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 8:20:17 pm

I'm glad you decided to put ads. Not for my benefit of course, but because at least it's helping you in some way, and that you don't have to worry as much about funding from the game. 💞

Yasuraoka Sakura

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 9:34:13 pm

I feel it pretty rough to support on patreon by 4€/month and still have ads... Does the ads revenue more than 4€/month/user? It is pretty frustrating for me to still have ads even if I'm only on the Quad tier...

Miyahira Miwa

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 6:58:40 am

I may be so free, to copy his statement from the supporter channel: "the thing is, the game client doesnt actually know if youre a quad supporter, i only apply the tag at Deca 's one of the reasons i want to ditch patreon, i want to consolidate everything into a single, say 5$/mo tier the deca tier is really expensive due to fees etc rn i actually tried to do quad tier rewards back in the tetra league test phase and it was a total mess lol"

Watai Yoko

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 12:15:01 am

Well, oops to you. As said, osk does NOT claim the whole thing. He only gets a fraction of the cash, that is why.

Asano Honoka

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 1:17:17 am

I'm currently not supporting but I really want to do so in the future and I'm happy to tank any random ads I get in support of you. I just want you to know that what you have created is literally what I always wanted in a modern tetris game. Thank you for this awesome game Osk! Greetings from Mexico :)

Inubushi Sumie

at 2020/11/04 (Wed) 5:03:50 am

Same bro, this kind of work deserves more support and I wish I could support more but for now these ads will do

Tsuboi Harue

at 2020/11/08 (Sun) 4:56:36 am

Pay-to-win games and doesn't have ads: EW NO Free-to-win games but have small ads: Now that's what I'm talking about

Fukushima Masako

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 8:46:03 pm

Will these ads allow you to reimburse the development costs for in full? If yes, then I'm really happy for you ! You're doing an amazing job and i'm happy if you get some money from that : )

Inaoka Natsume

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 10:13:43 am

I'm getting a bit concerned about the legal and copyright issues and such..

Kurusu Sumiko

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 12:16:18 pm

No, see osk's reply to Kotobuki Momo on this post - I've also DM'd osk about this as a Patron. Osk considers it unlikely TTC has an extant patent on stackers (it would've expired long ago if there were one) and Tetrio uses no Tetris trademarks, so where would the copyright issue be?

Sumeragi Shuko

at 2020/11/01 (Sun) 12:43:37 am

dont worry, ill make an adblock filter if you want to <3

Kanakubo Kazuyo

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 2:47:53 pm

do not - i repeat do NOT - add to your ublock filter list, i repeat do NOT (you will die)

Watai Yoko

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 12:16:01 am

oh lul

Mizumoto Emiri

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 10:22:36 pm

I don't like this "The ads will be personalized" so i quit, but don't worry i just played this game for 1 day

Bessho Sumie

at 2020/11/30 (Mon) 9:07:40 pm

The only thing that I do have to say is whether or not you would be open to having a dev team open to helping you work on TETR.IO. I would be up for it and without pay (if only I weren't a minor.)

Mizumoto Emiri

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 10:29:39 pm

I wish you had a Steam version that i could pay and never had to worry about ads or Patreon

Urabe Kimi

at 2021/02/02 (Tue) 11:46:34 am

if osk did that he would get tetra online'd

Kawabata Tsukiko

at 2020/11/23 (Mon) 11:50:15 pm

I'm glad im able to support you by this, but please no rewarded video ads

Hashida Shiho

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 6:38:19 am

Would there be copyright issue with the Tetris Company?

Kurusu Sumiko

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 12:16:01 pm

No, see osk's reply to Kotobuki Momo on this post - I've also DM'd osk about this as a Patron. Osk considers it unlikely TTC has an extant patent on stackers (it would've expired long ago if there were one) and Tetrio uses no Tetris trademarks, so where would the copyright issue be?

Kawabata Tsukiko

at 2020/11/24 (Tue) 12:09:15 am

if you REALLY want to monetize your game, pure cosmetics are the way

Chiziwa Kikue

at 2020/11/03 (Tue) 3:58:30 am

cool beans. can't use patreon so i'm happy to support the game in any way i can.

Shibazaki Fuyuko

at 2021/12/13 (Mon) 5:21:54 am

Wow, awesome! Huge fan!

Takeoka Tokiko

at 2021/07/10 (Sat) 8:15:31 pm


Koyama Maiko

at 2020/11/04 (Wed) 5:38:01 pm

why does it has to be Deca tier? Why can't it be Quad tier?

Watai Yoko

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 12:17:32 am

Because osk has to pay a big cut to Patreon.

Asato Nanae

at 2022/04/21 (Thu) 12:11:55 pm

Yeah honestly what is a ad banner in the menu going to do, I think that's a great way to support for people like me who can't!

Kunii Rena

at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 6:10:19 pm

well ads are all fine and dandy, but since the update my game has been getting random small freezes (like 12-15 frames duration), and i'm feeling quite positive that the loading of ads is the issue since my internet is the only bad thing about my rig.


at 2020/11/02 (Mon) 7:48:50 pm

Ingame? That wont happen, because all ads are unloaded (and never reloaded) while ingame...

Watai Yoko

at 2020/11/06 (Fri) 12:16:59 am

now that is a nice explanation lol

Kitazawa Emiko

at 2022/05/26 (Thu) 2:30:46 am

love u osk

Watanuki Rena

at 2020/11/08 (Sun) 10:21:17 pm

Anyways,ads are,much of,uh,a thingy that i don't know.

Kutsuki Nanase

at 2023/04/07 (Fri) 5:42:39 am


Yoneyama Chiyo

at 2023/01/28 (Sat) 7:55:40 am


Hazui Yuuna

at 2022/06/28 (Tue) 8:45:17 pm


Toyokawa Kazuha

at 2021/06/04 (Fri) 10:32:22 am

thanks osk!