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TETRA CHANNEL: separating game and data

by osk at 2020/09/28 (Mon) 9:16:55 pm (edited)OFFICIALTETR.IOUPDATE

It's been a while! Last blog post, we were at 20,000 total players on TETR.IO. That number has...... grown. An insane amount, almost 20x over! At almost 400,000 total accounts, overseeing this data has become a hassle in more ways than one.

TETR.IO's ingame UI, while I like it a lot, is not suited for complex datasets. On top of that, cluttering the main game code with UI mess is not what I was looking for in development.

Quite a few games fix it in a particular way: by showing simpler, less-detailed stats in-game, and having an (un)official site to accompany it with a lot of stats. I am honored to be of such size now that I can join this group, by creating:


This site currently allows you to browse all the leaderboards seamlessly, view user stats, with avatars and banners, and more. I hope to in the future also add a bunch of extra statistics - like your TR progression, singleplayer score progression, recent TETRA LEAGUE matches, etc. All those sorts of datasets would be impossible to ever display ingame!

I hope you'll stay tuned for what's next in store!

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Fukumitsu Ami

at 2020/09/29 (Tue) 8:29:49 am

OSK is a very good programmer.

Ōmori Chikako

at 2021/01/14 (Thu) 12:02:30 pm


Ōmori Chikako

at 2021/01/14 (Thu) 5:01:45 pm

she is very good

Kumeta Natsume

at 2020/09/28 (Mon) 9:41:05 pm

i have kagari, i will only tell you where she is if you answer with a cool kaomoji


at 2020/09/29 (Tue) 1:07:22 pm


Kumeta Natsume

at 2020/09/29 (Tue) 3:41:41 pm

Ok, she should arrive there net full moon, which is in 2 days. Thank you for your patronage to Fish Salad Postal Service!

Shibamoto Eiko

at 2020/10/08 (Thu) 12:26:46 pm


Negishi Ichiko

at 2020/09/28 (Mon) 9:46:33 pm

This is *so* cool. Will progression charts be stored indefinitely? It would be really nice to see progression from the beginning as opposed to just a limited time into the past (e.g. osu!, which records rank only daily and stores it only 90 days into the past).

Onodera Sayo

at 2020/10/02 (Fri) 10:21:29 pm

now the whole world knows how bad i am at the game

Tonari Sayoko

at 2020/10/17 (Sat) 2:48:30 am

I love this game, Keep improving on it!

Muraki Honami

at 2020/10/10 (Sat) 4:33:11 pm

Thank you osk, Very Cool.

Nagakawa Takako

at 2020/10/05 (Mon) 2:55:26 pm


Okuyama Misaki

at 2023/04/16 (Sun) 3:44:42 am


Akaba Takako

at 2022/05/21 (Sat) 5:04:57 pm


Yamamoto Mitsuko

at 2022/02/01 (Tue) 1:47:31 am

big brain