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by osk at 2020/04/18 (Sat) 3:31:35 pm

...Can you believe it's only been a month? TETRA LEAGUE, TETR.IO's 1v1 ranked matchmaker, is now live for all to play! You can play it here!

Once again, I'd like to thank all testers in helping me shape this feature within such a short period. And of course, all Patreon supporters! Without the support, I would not have had the time, drive or money to work on it!

Other prominents I'd like to thank are Garbo and Doremy for their extensive feedback!

Have fun, and go rise those ranks!

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Higaki Tomoko

at 2020/04/18 (Sat) 3:34:25 pm

name jeff

Toyokawa Suzuko

at 2020/09/23 (Wed) 5:30:38 pm

name jeff

Imanishi Maaya

at 2020/05/03 (Sun) 8:40:11 pm


Wakayama Atsumi

at 2020/07/30 (Thu) 9:29:42 pm


Narumi Suzuka

at 2020/07/09 (Thu) 5:59:16 pm


Tsukada Masako

at 2020/05/16 (Sat) 2:23:28 am

But will it blend?

Mitsuhashi Setsuko

at 2020/05/27 (Wed) 8:37:37 am


Takano Mayo

at 2020/04/20 (Mon) 7:41:32 pm

how do i make my opponent misdrop

Ōtake Takeko

at 2020/04/24 (Fri) 9:55:16 pm

hax their internet1!11!!!!

Ueebisu Sayoko

at 2020/04/25 (Sat) 1:49:27 am

Instructions unclear, accidentally ordered a seventeen-drone missile strike against them

Yoshiyama Chika

at 2020/07/09 (Thu) 11:37:25 am

"There are no accidents." - Master Oogway

Aimoto Sayuri

at 2020/07/08 (Wed) 2:36:13 am

Horiike Yurie

at 2020/08/04 (Tue) 5:24:39 am


Inubushi Sawa

at 2020/08/11 (Tue) 9:11:31 pm

Mobile support? Ipad with keyboard

Inubushi Sawa

at 2020/08/11 (Tue) 9:13:00 pm

By mobile i mean safari support

Mitsuhashi Setsuko

at 2020/05/27 (Wed) 8:43:54 am


Matsushima Michiko

at 2020/08/09 (Sun) 2:43:34 am


Toyota Wakako

at 2020/06/13 (Sat) 3:04:36 pm


Gotō Kanoko

at 2020/04/19 (Sun) 2:20:53 pm

ありがとう! Thank You!

Mitsuhashi Setsuko

at 2020/05/27 (Wed) 1:07:43 pm


Kiyokawa Maiko

at 2020/05/05 (Tue) 10:20:37 pm

wumbo ball fist angry smash wall

Sakuraba Sakurako

at 2020/05/27 (Wed) 5:45:44 pm

Conquer the ranks!

Hirama Nozomi

at 2020/06/27 (Sat) 1:19:55 pm

I only thank OSK!

Horii Sayuri

at 2020/04/28 (Tue) 9:01:11 am

why are the names of who posted these comments all japenese?

Tsukada Masako

at 2020/05/16 (Sat) 2:26:59 am


Wakayama Atsumi

at 2020/07/30 (Thu) 9:30:31 pm

thats also why the colors are random based on user

Wakayama Atsumi

at 2020/07/30 (Thu) 9:30:11 pm

because they havent signed in

Tamaoki Moeko

at 2020/09/28 (Mon) 7:51:05 pm

osk like me

Mitsuhashi Setsuko

at 2020/05/27 (Wed) 8:44:15 am


Ōtake Takeko

at 2020/04/24 (Fri) 9:54:36 pm


Minazuki Kagari

at 2020/09/28 (Mon) 10:26:19 pm


Sumeragi Shuko

at 2020/10/31 (Sat) 3:55:08 pm

holy shit its kagari

Okakura Tatsuko

at 2020/09/15 (Tue) 5:41:26 pm

where is sora i don't know where she is do you i don't but she should

Toyokawa Suzuko

at 2020/09/23 (Wed) 3:52:07 am