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by osk at 2020/03/21 (Sat) 8:00:20 pmOFFICIALTETR.IOUPDATE


TETR.IO has reached the ALPHA development stage, and is now accessible to everyone! After almost two months of INFDEV with a team of testers I cannot be more thankful of, I am now able to unveil TETR.IO to the entire world!


  • Planned for later Planned for later: this won't be available until after release. But, it is something I hope to do.
  • Development has not yet started Development has not yet started: this is planned, but work on the feature has not yet started.
  • Development has started Development has started: this feature has its framework set up and is being worked on.
  • Development underway Development underway: this feature is starting to become reality and has minor functionality ready to implement.
  • Development nearing completion Development nearing completion: most of this feature is implemented, but it is not yet ready for release.
  • Rough version complete Rough version complete: this feature is fully implemented, but may be overhauled - it's ready for an alpha release, but should be polished more.
  • Fully complete Fully complete: this feature is fully implemented and polished!

5. Custom Multiplayer Rules Development underwayRough version complete

There are now many multiplayer tweaks that can be applied, from hold on/off to garbage travel speed, to custom DAS!

9. Chat with players Development nearing completionRough version complete

Chat is complete, and a swear word filter has been implemented!

21. Profile w/ personal best displayed Development nearing completionRough version complete

TETR.IO now displays detailed info about a player whenever you wish to view their profiles!

22. Simple accounts system w/o hassle Development nearing completionRough version complete

You can now easily create accounts and, if you have set an email, even recover their passwords!

25. EXP Planned for laterRough version complete

I wasn't planning to implement this as early as now, but EXP is available now, so you can progress as you develop your skills!

39. Dazzling graphics Development nearing completionRough version complete

All the effects and tweaks I'd like to implement by Alpha have been implemented, with hopefully more polish coming soon!

40. Custom wallpapers Development has startedRough version complete

You can now set custom wallpapers, or even a collection of custom wallpapers. A better UI is planned, but for now this works well ^^


We're only in Alpha stage right now, so there's still a lot to be done. However, I do have plans for many cool things to come.

Right now, Quick Play is just one big room. This is great and all, but as soon as one pro joins, others will have to make way. I hope to be able to add 1v1 matchmaking as soon as possible, once the userbase is large enough to support such a feature.

The only online mode right now is ELIMINATION. This is the de facto online mode in most stackers, but I'd like to also implement TIMED and RACE modes.

It's impossible to spectate a match that's already begun right now. I'd like to make it possible to do so - it just requires a bit of headache code-wise.

Of course, I'd like to add more single-player fun too - above all, a ZEN mode that can be played inbetween matches as well, and a longer MARATHON-esque mode.

And, of course, I still want to look into making performance as smooth as possible on as many devices as possible.

For the most part, the 44-FACT-FRENZY still holds up. While I do not know in which order I will tackle everything, I hope to be able to, together with your support, make TETR.IO something we can all enjoy!

I want to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to everyone who helped test the INFDEV builds. Without your extensive support, I would not have been able to make TETR.IO what it is today. Going Alpha, however, doesn't mean I'll stop developing and fixing bugs. I hope all of you, and all newcomers, will help us make TETR.IO ever better!

With the launch of Alpha, I'd like to also announce I now have a Patreon! This will hopefully help pay the servers, and be another way to support TETR.IO. Depending on the tier you choose, you can get pretty cool rewards, including an ingame badge and a permanent position in the game's About page! I would be incredibly grateful if you checked it out here: TETR.IO Patreon

Furthermore, I'd also like to remind everyone reading to join the TETR.IO Discord! This is the #1 place to get updates and changelogs as they roll in: TETR.IO Discord

Finally, I'd like to thank the Hard Drop community for helping me develop the game, giving feedback and reporting bugs. If you haven't yet, check out Hard Drop now!

Thank you very much for reading, and have fun!

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Urushibara Yoshino

at 2020/03/29 (Sun) 12:21:06 am

I'm almost Lvl 50, yet I don't play that often, and don't win much. I think you should lower how fast you lvl up.

Urushibara Yoshino

at 2020/03/29 (Sun) 12:23:10 am

I also think that it would be really cool if there were different skins you could use, and different sound effects.

Hayashi Nao

at 2020/03/21 (Sat) 9:02:19 pm

ok that's cool and all but can you whitelist


at 2020/03/22 (Sun) 2:58:35 pm

No need to anymore~

Midorikawa Eri

at 2020/03/21 (Sat) 9:12:00 pm

i love this

Honda Sadako

at 2020/03/22 (Sun) 1:45:28 pm


Akinaga Ariko

at 2020/03/28 (Sat) 6:57:03 am

Do you think you'll ever release it as open-source?

Amino Emiri

at 2020/04/08 (Wed) 6:59:54 pm

Any plans for Nintendo 3DS?

Sotomura Aika

at 2020/06/11 (Thu) 8:57:34 pm

Any update on this? Would love to hit a t-spin while playing brain age

Kamata Momo

at 2020/03/27 (Fri) 4:59:35 am

How do I make an account?

Onda Chisato

at 2020/03/23 (Mon) 2:20:08 pm

thanks, osk i wanna take a match with you :)

Sumioka Yoshino

at 2020/04/27 (Mon) 5:05:27 am

Is there a client/non-web page version planned?

Otaka Kimi

at 2020/04/07 (Tue) 5:50:49 pm

Any plans for mobile?

Shigematsu Madoka

at 2023/02/01 (Wed) 10:35:12 am

current development phase i guess

Icho Otome

at 2020/04/15 (Wed) 6:19:09 am