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TETR.IO is now in INFDEV!

by osk at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 12:01:16 am (edited)OFFICIALTETR.IOUPDATE


TETR.IO has reached the INFDEV development stage! This means that I am now giving out access to test it on a wider scale to select people. This to allow more and more diverse people to play it and give their feedback on TETR.IO, without opening it fully to the public yet (and having to worry about making a bad first impression).

Want to try out TETR.IO? Contact me with your IP and why you would like to try out TETR.IO, and I'll add you to the whitelist!

  • Planned for later Planned for later: this won't be available until after release. But, it is something I hope to do.
  • Development has not yet started Development has not yet started: this is planned, but work on the feature has not yet started.
  • Development has started Development has started: this feature has its framework set up and is being worked on.
  • Development underway Development underway: this feature is starting to become reality and has minor functionality ready to implement.
  • Development nearing completion Development nearing completion: most of this feature is implemented, but it is not yet ready for release.
  • Rough version complete Rough version complete: this feature is fully implemented, but may be overhauled - it's ready for an alpha release, but should be polished more.
  • Fully complete Fully complete: this feature is fully implemented and polished!

3. Multiplayer Lobbies Development nearing completionRough version complete

The feature to join a room by URL has been implemented (it makes short URLs like, completing the feature!

4. Quick Play Development has startedRough version complete

Quick Play has been implemented - join Quick Play and the room will automatically start an infinite loop of games as long as at least 2 people are in Quick Play!

9. Chat with players Development has startedDevelopment nearing completion

Chat is nearly complete, but a swear word filter has yet to be implemented, and a few hotkeys may still be swapped around.

16. TETRA CHANNEL Development underwayRough version complete

All basic functionality of TETRA CHANNEL has been implemented. Stuff like MAPS and a list of players may be added later, but is not on the roadmap for Alpha (see the TETR.IO 44-Fact-Frenzy page for more info).

17. Personal Best Development has startedFully complete

TETRA CHANNEL now happily saves your top 10 plays in all categories.

18. Global records Development underwayFully complete

Likewise, TETRA CHANNEL now happily saves the top 1000 plays in all categories (note: the client only displays 100, but the standalone site will display all 1000).

19. Replays saved and can be watched Development nearing completionRough version complete

All plays are saved at least temporarily, and a nice replay link can be shared!

20. Custom game options Development underwayRough version complete

The CUSTOM GAME mode has been implemented, and already allows for lots of experimentation most other games don't provide. However, I hope to add more options to it in the future.

21. Profile w/ personal best displayed Development has not yet startedDevelopment nearing completion

TETR.IO displays nice badges of a user's scores when you click them. I hope to still add some extra info, like join date, before Alpha. More info could potentially go to the TETRA CHANNEL site.

41. Music by Hurt Record Development underwayRough version complete

I believe to have added most music I want to, but I can always add more when I find a purpose for it.

42. Controller support Planned for laterRough version complete

Its implementation is rather basic, but I decided to add it already. Only the in-game controls work with controller (all else must still be done w/ mouse), but it's better than nothing (hence it does not get the polished icon).

Still to be done before Alpha...

  • Development underway 5. Custom Multiplayer Rules
  • Development nearing completion 9. Chat with players
  • Development nearing completion 21. Profile w/ personal best displayed
  • Development nearing completion 22. Simple accounts system w/o hassle
  • Development nearing completion 39. Dazzling graphics
  • Development has started 40. Custom wallpapers

Thank you for reading. If you're planning on becoming a tester, have fun!

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Amino Emiri

at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 12:17:59 am

Hisakawa Nonoka

at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 3:57:15 pm

HI OSK, could you whitelist my IP please, I would love to test your game. :)


at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 9:29:52 pm

Please contact me with your IP so I can whitelist you!

Funakoshi Tsukiko

at 2020/02/08 (Sat) 4:51:49 am

How do I do that?

Ijichi Keiko

at 2020/02/12 (Wed) 12:07:15 am

When is this going to be released?


at 2020/02/12 (Wed) 2:26:04 am

When it's ready.

Mitsuyoshi Chizuko

at 2022/02/02 (Wed) 11:23:26 pm

When will it's ready occur?

Minegishi Ruri

at 2024/01/25 (Thu) 4:49:00 pm

**When it's ready.**

Uozumi Sayumi

at 2020/02/12 (Wed) 4:49:31 pm

I'm going to go into my freezer and hibernate until release. Wake me up when it happens.

Morishita Maho

at 2020/02/10 (Mon) 2:09:52 am

Hoping to test this!

Hajime Yasue

at 2020/03/05 (Thu) 3:02:21 pm

do you still accept beta testers? I already sent a mail.

Kuno Aki

at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 4:58:27 pm

is a good game

Takesaki Mikiko

at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 6:02:39 am

thank you for making this blocks game mom

Niwata Hiroko

at 2020/02/22 (Sat) 1:35:25 pm

If my computer uses Dynamic IP, could it be a problem?

Ogita Kuniko

at 2020/03/15 (Sun) 11:03:53 am


Munakata Azumi

at 2020/02/03 (Mon) 5:43:08 am

Why wasn't this on E3?


at 2020/02/03 (Mon) 12:09:30 pm

i'm poor lol

Kiyokawa Maiko

at 2020/02/01 (Sat) 12:03:59 am

it's a very fun game and i am glad the progress is getting it closer to alpha.The music is really good and i jam to it while i MOVE BLOCK MOVE BLOCK MOVE BLOCK.

Suganuma Miyabi

at 2020/02/05 (Wed) 3:11:08 pm

Considering that all of this was done in a month, this is quite impressive

Fujiyama Yumi

at 2020/02/28 (Fri) 1:31:21 pm

How long does it take you to whitelist an IP? do you whitelist when someone emails you with it or do you whitelist multiple people all at once?


at 2020/03/01 (Sun) 2:13:30 am

It depends. I usually do it in batches, unless I'm all caught up.

Shigezono Itsumi

at 2020/02/07 (Fri) 11:10:28 pm

Even in the closed pre-alpha this is so good! Maybe it's just because it's new but I don't think I've had this much fun playing in a while :D

Suetsugu Mamiko

at 2020/02/23 (Sun) 11:25:14 am

just saw this and looks pretty lit, can’t wait for release

Wakao Noriko

at 2020/02/21 (Fri) 9:38:12 pm


Akagi Kotono

at 2020/02/10 (Mon) 9:46:17 pm


Kusumoto Miyumi

at 2020/02/14 (Fri) 2:25:12 am

How can I be a beta tester?

Ogihara Satomi

at 2020/02/03 (Mon) 11:35:04 pm

it good would recommend

Takano Mayo

at 2020/02/08 (Sat) 12:52:43 am

Were you inspired by Jstris by any chance? (another online block stacker game)

Furuhashi Tomoka

at 2020/08/23 (Sun) 2:15:54 am

I just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome game that you are doing an amazing job on. I never played on keyboard before this and it's been really fun. I hope this continues to grow and grow for you, OSK.

Ogita Kuniko

at 2020/03/15 (Sun) 11:04:25 am

When will alpha come out?

Ichikawa Sayo

at 2020/02/28 (Fri) 8:55:27 am

How can I test this game? plus, why my name is written on japanese on the comment??

Suganuma Miyabi

at 2020/02/28 (Fri) 7:52:30 pm

It's anonymous names, cause you don't make an account.